Universal Music Group national companies

Universal Music Group national companies
Universal Music Group national companies Universal Music Argentina Universal Music Austria Universal Music Australia Island Records Australia Mercury Records Australia Universal Music Baltics Universal Music Belgium ARS Entertainment Universal Music Brazil Arsenal Music Universal Music Bulgaria Universal Music Canada Universal Music Chile Universal Music China Linfair Records Shang Teng Universal Show City Times Universal Music Colombia Universal Music Czech Republic Universal Music Denmark Universal Music Finland Spinefarm Records Universal Music France AZ Records Barclay Records Decca Deutsche Grammophon ECM New Series Mercury Records Polydor Universal Licensing Music (ULM) Universal Music Jazz France Universal Music Germany Universal Music Domestic Division Urban Records Universal Music International Division Universal Music Classics and Jazz Koch Universal Music Universal Music Strategic Marketing Universal Music Family Entertainment Universal Music Greece Family the label Universal Music Hong Kong Cinepoly Records Go East Entertainment Universal Music Hungary Universal Music India Universal Music Indonesia Solid Records Universal Music Ireland Universal Music Italy Universal Music Japan Record Labels Def Jam Japan Delicious Deli Records E-Sum Records Far Eastern Tribe Records less than zero (<0) Milestone Crowds Nayutawave Records Universal Classics Universal Gear Universal International Universal J Universal Jazz Universal Sigma Universal Strategic Marketing Japan Universal Music Korea Universal Music Malaysia Music Valley Rumpun Records Universal Music Mexico Universal Music Netherlands Universal Music New Zealand Universal Music Norway Jazzland Recordings MCA Music Philippines (internationally known as "Universal Music Philippines")[1] Universal Music Polska Magic Records Universal Music Portugal Universal Music Romania Universal Music Russia Universal Music Singapore Universal Music Spain Vale Music Universal Music Sweden Polar Music Stockholm Records Sonet Records Universal Music Switzerland Universal Music Taiwan[2] Believe in Music (B'In Music)[3] What's Music Universal Music Thailand Universal Music Venezuela DSP Media Japan/Korea YG Entertainment Korea Cube Entertainmet Korea

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

KARA makes a “Jumping” return on Music Core!

Following their huge successes with various singles and albums in Japan over the last few months, KARA has finally returned to the motherland to greet their fans once again with their new single, ‘Jumping‘!
Despite having a minor setback due to their over-exposing outfits for the title track, the girls stood on stage confidently and successfully performed their first comeback stage nevertheless.
Along with ‘Jumping’, KARA also performed another song in their mini-album, called ‘Burn‘.
Check out their awesome performances and tell us what you think in the comments below!

Big Bang, KARA, SNSD granted distinctions from “Japan Record Awards”

KARA also made fared well for themselves this year, as they were granted the “Best Project” award for their special packaged release, “KARA SPECIAL PREMIUM BOX FOR JAPAN“.
Stay tuned  for further updates on this exciting event!
nominates them for the ‘Best Best female Group Award,’ which will select the top debuting artist from the four winners.The winner of the “Best Artist Award”Best female Group is scheduled to be revealed during the actual awards ceremony on December 30th.
Heartthrob group Big Bang also won a notable distinction this year, as their Japanese track “Tell Me Goodbye” received the award for being one of the “Best Songs” this year. Big Bang is now in the running to grab the highest honor of the night, the “Japan Record Award“, for which they’ll compete against the other artists who were also acknowledged for having a “Best Song”. Again, the winner of the “Japan Record Award” will also be announced on December 30th.

Girl group SNSD can   as it was recently revealed that they were granted the ‘New Artist’ award from the ‘Japan Record Awards‘.
According to the judging committee of the ‘52nd Japan Record Awards‘, SNSD won the rookie award alongside ICONIQ, Kikuchi Madoka, and S/mileage. The rookie award automatically nominates them for the ‘Best New Artist Award,’ which will select the top debuting artist from the four winners.
The winner of the “Best New Artist Award” is scheduled to be revealed during the actual awards ceremony on December 30th.

2NE1 says goodbye with ‘It Hurts’ on Music Core

Having had a successful promotion for their three title tracks, ‘Can’t Nobody’, ‘Go Away’, and ‘Clap Your Hands‘, 2NE1 pleased their fans once more by following up with an R&B track called ‘It Hurts’.
Unfortunately, however, it was announced earlier that the group will wrap up all current promotions and have their goodbye performance for ‘It Hurts’ on this week’s Music Core.
This may be the last performance for the girls, but we’re expecting to see even better performances on the bigger stages these coming weeks. The group has been confirmed to be attending the 2010 MAMA in Macau on November 28th, and you also can’t forget their participation in the two-day ‘2010 YG Family Concert’, to be held on December 4th and 5th.
Check out their goodbye stage below!

B2ST returns with “Beautiful” on Music Core

After saying goodbye with “Soom” not too long ago, the B2ST boys continued with promotions on the November 20th episode of “Music Core.”
Having taken your breath away with “Soom” before saying goodbye, the B2ST boys now return to say the “Lights Go On Again” because you are “Beautiful” and “I Like You The Most.”
Due to time constraints, the boys only performed “Beautiful”, unlike their previous comeback stages.
Check out their performance now!

HAM makes a “So Sexy” comeback on Music Core

After releasing their 3rd single, ‘So Sexy’, on October 1st, HAM finally performed on the stage of a public tv music show program for the first time since their single release.
Due to their lyrics and choreography violating the new outfit regulations that had been passed on music show programs recently, the group endured a difficult time in promoting their new single. “At first our lyrics were caught. The problem was the part when we sing, “Come into me”. They then saw our music video, and told us it looked even more provocative,” said member Hyoni.
Because of their overly provocative dance moves and lyrics, the girls had to make do with performing on cable TV music shows instead.
However, the girl group asserted that they have no regrets on choosing the song as their title track, and confessed they even fought with their company to allow them to perform the song.
Soojin expressed, “We really liked the song – so much that we even fought with our company to persuade them to let us perform it. Our company said, “Do you think you can do sexy? Let’s just go for the bright and happy concept like the other girl groups,” but we liked the song so much that we went against them and went on our knees and begged them to let us. The song may be a bit sexy from start to finish, but it has a strong and powerful feel to it too. That’s what we liked about it.”
Despite all the problems they’ve had to endure, HAM managed to successfully make their comeback on Music Core with modified lyrics and dance choreography.

Orange Caramel returns with ‘A~ing♡’ on Music Core novenber 20

Having charmed with ‘Magic Girl‘ for their debut, the Orange Caramel girls are back with their 2nd mini album as they continue their comeback on the November 20th episode of Music Core.
The girls don’t deviate much from their cutesy bubblegum pop style with their new title song, ‘A~ing♡‘, and it is sure to enchant once again with their colorful concept and cute trotish melody.
Check out their comeback performance with fierce fanboy chants.

Rain files $300k lawsuit against Sports Seoul

Singer Rain has filed a $300,000 USD lawsuit against a media agency that released reports on his gambling controversy.
Rain’s law firm, Hwa Woo, revealed on November 19th that a lawsuit was filed against Sports Seoul for falsely reporting on Rain’s gambling series in Las Vegas, as well as on suspicions of draft dodging. According to his legal representative, they’re seeking $200,000 USD from Sports Seoul and $100,000 USD from six Sports Seoul journalists, wrapping up to a total of $300,000 USD in compensation for damages.
Rain stated, “Sports Seoul reported on Kim’s one-sided claims without checking for the truth. Their report has been damaging to my reputation.
Last month, Sports Seoul released a report alleging that Rain was an avid gambler and in substantial debt to a colleague. Further reports from the media outlet also asserted that the international star was embroiled in foreign currency laundering.
After hearing of Rain’s lawsuit, Sports Seoul refuted on the 20th, “Rain facing a lawsuit in America is a fact. We prepared for over a month in order to write up the reports and met with three witnesses that testified to Rain’s gambling.”