Universal Music Group national companies

Universal Music Group national companies
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Diva legendary Performance!

Diva legendary performance!

KARA reveals backstage pictures from Japan

The members of KARA sent over some pictures from their waiting room at a large-scale concert held in Japan’s Saitama Super Arena on November 3rd. The pictures showed off a lot more of the girls’ natural sides, in comparison to their stage image – fans, prepare to swoon over these girls’ stunning looks and cute expressions!

- “MC Gyuri
Gyuri was one of the MCs for this event and earned many compliments for being able to speak in both Korean and Japanese. She never once put down her cue cards in the waiting room, as she rigorously rehearsed.
- “Natural Selca Seungyeon
Seungyeon taking a picture on her own. This concert was the first time that the group revealed “Jumping“, and Seungyeon seems determined to fight off any anxiety with the fist she’s posing with.
- “Studying Goo Hara
Hara is working hard on studying her Japanese. It’s through sheer effort like this that the girls have managed to develop their language skills.
- “Smiling Jiyoung, Nicole
Right before they got up on stage, Nicole and Jiyoung smile brightly at one of their staff members. They look brighter than usual – perhaps it’s because they feel delighted in seeing a Korean staff member they recognize?
- “Smooth Interview”
KARA held a press conference with the Japanese press right before their performance. Like the Hallyu stars that they are, their fluent Japanese earned the praise of everyone around them.

- “Konbanwa, KARA desu~
KARA greets their fans as they get up on stage. They each wave their hands in anticipation of their “Jumping” performance.

 Daesung/Pledis (DSP) Media

T-ara confirms December 3rd comeback!

It has been confirmed that T-ara is currently preparing for their official comeback early next month. On November 15th, T-ara’s agency stated that the group will be releasing their new mini-album and make their comeback through KBS 2TV’s ‘Music Bank’ on December 3rd, with the addition of their new 7th member!
T-ara unleashed their first full album ‘Absolute First Album ‘ last December, and continued promotions for their repackaged album shortly after. The group’s upcoming mini-album will mark their first new track in 10 months.
Many fans are particularly anticipating the addition of the 7th member, Ryu Hwayoung, twin of Co-Ed’s One Light Hyoyoung.
T-ara’s agency expressed, “T-ara is currently at the peak of their album preparations. We ask for you to wait and anticipate the group’s new image this coming December.”

After School’s Lizzy becomes fixed cast member of “Running Man”

After School’s Lizzy has become a fixed panelist on SBS’s “Running Man.”
Producers of the show were interviewed on November 14th and confirmed Lizzy’s role for the show, revealing, “She joined last week and has already finished recording an episode.
They continued, “Song Ji Hyo is the only fixed female cast member on ‘Running Man.’ Lizzy has a different sort of charm compared to Song Ji Hyo so we’re anticipating their synergy. ‘Running Man’ is on the rise lately, pulling in an average viewer rating of 15%.
Lizzy already managed to capture the attention of her male castmates with her country dialect and cute charm through her previous appearances on the show.

KARA transforms into cute chubby animals

KARA have transformed from sexy ‘Jumping‘ girls into cute fluffy animals.
On November 15th, Goo Hara uploaded the picture on her Twitter and added, “KARA animals kek We’re going to Korea~ Even though it was fun and tiring! We’ll work even harder when we go back. Members~ I love out >.< Members.. wink when you see this.”
The photo Hara revealed is a picture of all five members wearing chubby animal suits. Gyuri turned into a rabbit, Seungyeon a monkey, Nicole a fox, Jiyoung a cow, and Hara a bear.
Fans expressed, “This is so cute”, “I want to raise the KARA animals myself”, “I don’t think anyone can pull off being ‘cute’ as much as them.”
KARA will be returning to Korea on November 15th in preparation for a new cycle of promotions for their new single, ‘Jumping’ after their Japan promotions this past week.

Orange Caramel Nana’s ‘big head picture’ attracts attention

Orange Caramel’s Raina, recently revealed a few cute pictures from the filming location for the “Aing♡” MV.  But one that caught the attention of fans was a picture of Nana, where the angle of her rising head, created a rather entertaining picture.
Raina uploaded the picture onto her twitter with the caption “Pocket picture.”  Raina wrote, “My cute dongsengs, if you were a little smaller, I could take you around in my pocket. Especially big-head Nana ㅎㅎ.”
The Orange Caramel members are seen in their fairy tale character outfits, with big hair and adorable expressions. The fans wrote, “Big-head Nana daebak!” andI want to carry you all in my pocket.”
The MV teaser for Orange Caramel’s comeback was revealed recently, and their music video will be released on November 18th, so stay tuned to allkpop!

KARA’s Seungyeon’s height is 7.5 times that of her face?

A netizen recently uploaded a ‘face-body ratio analysis’ picture on a popular internet community site, and it has since been stirring quite a discussion.
What fascinated them was that even with Seungyeon’s short height of 158cm (5.2 ft), her height is equivalent to 7.5 times her face size, thanks to her small face.
Fans commented, “She’s so pretty now”, “Her face is small, and her body ratio is good too…she must be happy”, “Seungyeon, whose biggest charm comes from her smiling eyes. Her body ratio is surprising.”

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