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Universal Music Group national companies
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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Girl’s Day says “Nothing Lasts Forever” on Music Core

Having gone through member changes just two months after debuting in July, Girl’s Day made a return last week with their 2nd single album, “Nothing Lasts Forever“, hoping to do better than their debut.
There has been nothing but widespread anticipation for Girl’s Day’s performance on stage after their MV was released last week. That anticipation increased after it was revealed that the song, “Nothing Lasts Forever” was a joint composition between Korean composer, Kim Ji Hyang, and Annet Artani, a New York-based producer who worked on Britney Spears’ “Everything.”
The girls made their second comeback performance through Music Core on November 6th.

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Girl’s Day says “Nothing Lasts Forever” on Music Core Video

Girls’ Day dance practice video

After completing their first comeback stage on November 5th through KBS 2TV’s “Music Bank,” the members of Girls’ Day reportedly burst into tears.
The girls were backstage nervously wringing their hands, as they perked up their ears to determine how the audience received them. When a reporter finally told them that the response was positive, the girls let it all go and began crying with relief.
Member Sojin stated, “It’s our comeback stage, but we’re thinking of it as our debut stage. It was extremely nerve-wracking, but we think we did okay. I’m glad that our fans enjoyed it as well. All I can think of right now is how thankful I am for everything. My heart’s beating so fast.”
The group first debuted this past July with their title track, “Tilt My Head“. Their image at the time was cute and lovely, but all of that was thrown away for their “Nothing Lasts Forever” comeback.
Mina revealed, “We were really upset at the time. There was so much pressure that we weren’t able to show off all our skills, and because we tried to do too well, our actions seemed kind of exaggerated. We cried a lot after reviewing the performances.”
Sojin continued, “A performance is a performance, but we adopted the mentality that a singer is someone who must sing well; listeners should immediately tell who the person is with just their voice. We became determined to exhibit our own musical style.

Their member change was also considered a success as well. Their new members Yura and Hyeri showed off their impressive dance moves while synchronizing smoothly with the original members.
Hyeri said, “We worried a lot in the beginning since we didn’t train for that long, and we’re still lacking a lot. At the same time, we were also hungry in wanting to give everything we had into the song. Thanks to the unnis that supported us, it feels like I took a step forward.
Yura added, “We’re still going through image training every day. I hope that fans enjoy watching me grow since I promise to always show improvements.”

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“Nothing Lasts Foreve Video dance

With regards to Britney Spears’s composer Annet Artani producing their song, Jihae stated, “Honestly, we didn’t know that Artani was a famous person. We were amazed when we later found out and found confidence knowing that she trusted us to do well.”
When asked about their hopes for the future, Mina responded, “Hopefully ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ will get our name more known to the public. Our goal is to become a ‘national idol’ that is recognized by people of all age groups.”
Yura stated, “Fans, please watch us over. We want to become a petdol (Pet + Idol).”
Hyeri and Jihae added, “We want our performances to touch and move people. Singing, dancing, looks – we want to be perfect in everything. Please anticipate us.”
Sojin concluded, “From here on out, we’ll continue to improve. We may still be lacking, but we’d like our fans to anticipate the best for us. Please call us the ’selfish idols’ that hopes to become ‘national idols,’ ‘pet idols,’ and even ‘perfect idols’ (laughter).
Girls’ Day will be holding their second comeback on the 6th through MBC’s “Show! Music Core“.

Composer san dambi and lee hyori,  girls day under deasung/Pledis (DSP) media: 

Orange Caramel to comeback with second mini album!

After their successful debut with ‘Magic Girl‘, the demand for an Orange Caramel comeback has been steadily increasingly amongst fans. Well, their wishes have finally been granted, as the group will be returning with their second mini-album!
A teaser image was uploaded onto Pledis Entertainment’s official homepage, and fans have been buzzing over a picture of a book with the title ‘Orange Caramel – The Second Mini Album‘.
The agency stated, “We are currently getting ready for a lovely, yet dazzling comeback stage with a concept that everyone will be happy to watch.”
From next week onwards, Orange Caramel will be releasing staggered comeback teaser photos through their official homepage, leading up to their comeback promotions.

Avex group One Night goes behind the scenes for SEOUL TOKYO MUSIC FESTIVAL 2010

Click Avex group video:
Avex group video

Earlier in the week top Korean groups Big Bang, KARA, 4minute, 2NE1, FT Island, CNLUE, Brown Eyed Girls, U-KISS, Rainbow, and Teen Top gathered in Japan to perform for the “Seoul Tokyo Music Festival 2010.”
The event was held on November 3rd at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan. This event was a collaboration between Korean broadcasting channel SBS and Japanese broadcasting channel TBS in celebration of SBS’s 20th anniversary. Earlier today, SBS program One Night gave us a glimpse behind the scenes for this mega event. More than 16,000 people attended the concert and tickets sold out in under 2 minutes!


Avex group One Night goes behind the scenes for SEOUL TOKYO MUSIC FESTIVAL 2010