Universal Music Group national companies

Universal Music Group national companies
Universal Music Group national companies Universal Music Argentina Universal Music Austria Universal Music Australia Island Records Australia Mercury Records Australia Universal Music Baltics Universal Music Belgium ARS Entertainment Universal Music Brazil Arsenal Music Universal Music Bulgaria Universal Music Canada Universal Music Chile Universal Music China Linfair Records Shang Teng Universal Show City Times Universal Music Colombia Universal Music Czech Republic Universal Music Denmark Universal Music Finland Spinefarm Records Universal Music France AZ Records Barclay Records Decca Deutsche Grammophon ECM New Series Mercury Records Polydor Universal Licensing Music (ULM) Universal Music Jazz France Universal Music Germany Universal Music Domestic Division Urban Records Universal Music International Division Universal Music Classics and Jazz Koch Universal Music Universal Music Strategic Marketing Universal Music Family Entertainment Universal Music Greece Family the label Universal Music Hong Kong Cinepoly Records Go East Entertainment Universal Music Hungary Universal Music India Universal Music Indonesia Solid Records Universal Music Ireland Universal Music Italy Universal Music Japan Record Labels Def Jam Japan Delicious Deli Records E-Sum Records Far Eastern Tribe Records less than zero (<0) Milestone Crowds Nayutawave Records Universal Classics Universal Gear Universal International Universal J Universal Jazz Universal Sigma Universal Strategic Marketing Japan Universal Music Korea Universal Music Malaysia Music Valley Rumpun Records Universal Music Mexico Universal Music Netherlands Universal Music New Zealand Universal Music Norway Jazzland Recordings MCA Music Philippines (internationally known as "Universal Music Philippines")[1] Universal Music Polska Magic Records Universal Music Portugal Universal Music Romania Universal Music Russia Universal Music Singapore Universal Music Spain Vale Music Universal Music Sweden Polar Music Stockholm Records Sonet Records Universal Music Switzerland Universal Music Taiwan[2] Believe in Music (B'In Music)[3] What's Music Universal Music Thailand Universal Music Venezuela DSP Media Japan/Korea YG Entertainment Korea Cube Entertainmet Korea

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

PERFormance kpop.....Fight Jpop! KARA & Broon eyed first!

kara,After School,Brown eyed girs,4minure,2ne1,T-ara Team kpop!

Orange Caramel releases “A~ing♡” music video!

Orange Caramel released their MV teaser for “A~ing♡” on November 14th, and now the After School sub-unit has finally released their full music video!

Hyomin teases T-ara’s comeback concept?

Is T-ara’s Hyomin teasing her group’s comeback concept through some selca pictures?
Hyomin uploaded two pictures of herself on her minihompy and wrote, “Guess what this shoot is for.” In the photos, she is seen wearing a metallic dress and a bright blonde wig.
Netizens guessed, “Is this the new concept for their new song?” and “Hyomin’s face reminds me of SNSD Jessica’s.”
Meanwhile, a short clip of Hwayoung and Boram dancing to what could be T-ara’s new song was revealed on “Hello Baby Season 3” recently.

KARA to reveal their daily lives through “D-day KARA”

With KARA currently preparing for their comeback, cable channel Y-STAR will be airing KARA’s day-to-day activities through their special “D-day KARA” episodes.
Through the show, fans will be able to see detailed footage of the members’ personal lives along with behind-the-scenes cuts from their “Jumping” music video. Naturally, the show will also air personal interviews with each of the members.
Their music video (released on November 10th) has already been attracting high levels of attention amongst fans, but the interest will skyrocket once the behind-the-scenes cuts are aired. Fans will be able to see how furiously the members are trying to memorize both Korean and Japanese lyrics, and their cute reactions whenever they make a mistake.

KARA hollywood album Tittle the best of diva legendary??? KARA Hollywood album 18 tracks!

KARA Hollywood album 18 tracks!

SDN48 visits 4minute in Korea

A special meeting occurred between girl groups 4minute and SDN48 on November 17th.
The two teams first met after SDN48 visited Korea for the first time in order to promote their new album track, “GAGAGA.” The 12 member Japanese girl group went to 4minute’s agency, Cube Entertainment, immediately after arriving in Korea. Over eight media representatives were present, showing much interest in the meeting between the two girl groups.
4minute personally followed the choreography for SDN48’s “GAGAGA”, and showed off their friendship by encouraging and supporting one another.  Since the 4minute members are currently undergoing intense Japanese studies, they were able to freely converse with the SDN48 members, maintaining a lively and fun environment.
SDN48 will be releasing their official debut album in both Korea and Japan on the 24th, while 4minute will continue their third single promotions for “First” in Japan.

Brown Eyed Girls to make their comeback for January 2011!

Yet another reason to look forward to the new year!
The management agency for Brown Eyed GirlsNega Network, released a statement recently about their activities as a group. “Currently, they’re working on their album, and they plan to make a comeback in January of next year,” the representative stated.
They added, “The members have been busy these days with their solo activities, and although they’ve had some great results, they plan to meet their fans as a group next year.”
The upcoming album will be their 4th. Fans are already in a state of high anticipation since their last single, “Sign“, was released a year and 3 months ago. The girls, knowing that they’ve got some high expectations to meet, are reportedly working hard on ensuring that their release will be a success.