Universal Music Group national companies

Universal Music Group national companies
Universal Music Group national companies Universal Music Argentina Universal Music Austria Universal Music Australia Island Records Australia Mercury Records Australia Universal Music Baltics Universal Music Belgium ARS Entertainment Universal Music Brazil Arsenal Music Universal Music Bulgaria Universal Music Canada Universal Music Chile Universal Music China Linfair Records Shang Teng Universal Show City Times Universal Music Colombia Universal Music Czech Republic Universal Music Denmark Universal Music Finland Spinefarm Records Universal Music France AZ Records Barclay Records Decca Deutsche Grammophon ECM New Series Mercury Records Polydor Universal Licensing Music (ULM) Universal Music Jazz France Universal Music Germany Universal Music Domestic Division Urban Records Universal Music International Division Universal Music Classics and Jazz Koch Universal Music Universal Music Strategic Marketing Universal Music Family Entertainment Universal Music Greece Family the label Universal Music Hong Kong Cinepoly Records Go East Entertainment Universal Music Hungary Universal Music India Universal Music Indonesia Solid Records Universal Music Ireland Universal Music Italy Universal Music Japan Record Labels Def Jam Japan Delicious Deli Records E-Sum Records Far Eastern Tribe Records less than zero (<0) Milestone Crowds Nayutawave Records Universal Classics Universal Gear Universal International Universal J Universal Jazz Universal Sigma Universal Strategic Marketing Japan Universal Music Korea Universal Music Malaysia Music Valley Rumpun Records Universal Music Mexico Universal Music Netherlands Universal Music New Zealand Universal Music Norway Jazzland Recordings MCA Music Philippines (internationally known as "Universal Music Philippines")[1] Universal Music Polska Magic Records Universal Music Portugal Universal Music Romania Universal Music Russia Universal Music Singapore Universal Music Spain Vale Music Universal Music Sweden Polar Music Stockholm Records Sonet Records Universal Music Switzerland Universal Music Taiwan[2] Believe in Music (B'In Music)[3] What's Music Universal Music Thailand Universal Music Venezuela DSP Media Japan/Korea YG Entertainment Korea Cube Entertainmet Korea

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Monday, November 15, 2010

MUSIC JAPAN performances from November 14th! KARA WIN!

NHK’s music program, MUSIC JAPAN broadcasted this week’s episode with a great line-up of artists!
  Check out the performances below!

 and other performance!

Part 1 Performance!

PArt 2  Performance

Part 3 performance!

G.NA’s ‘Say You Love Me’ accused of plagiarism

G.NA’s brand-new single, “Say You Love Me” has fallen into a plagiarism controversy.
Recently on an internet community site, there have been accusations that G.NA’s “Say You Love Me” sounded very similar to Keyshia Cole’s “Fallin’ Out.”
A netizen wrote, “While listening to G.NA’s song, I realized that it sounded similar to the base tunes of Keyshia Cole’s ‘Fallin’ Out.’ The overall atmosphere and the chorus sound the same.
The netizen also pointed out, “The melody during the lyrics, ‘Did you know that no one can live inside my heart except you’ and ‘Did you know that the love that is inside me is you’ from G.NA’s song sound similar to the melody of Keyshia’s song during the lyrics, ‘How did we end up here this way what are we gonna do boy’ and ‘I need you to meet me half way if you want me to be with you.’
Regardless of the melody sounding the same, other netizens disagreed, commenting, “Some parts of the song sound a bit alike, but it’s far-fetched to say it’s plagiarism“.
G.NA’s single ‘Say You Love Me’ first gained a lot of interest due to the rap featuring of 4minute’s HyunA.

G.NA – Say You Love Me Ft. hyuna

Orange Caramel unveils album jacket cover for “Aing♡”!

Orange Caramel has been teasing fans with photos of their new album concept and of the individual members. While fans were already looking forward to the new release, the unveiling of their official album jacket cover has legitimized the upcoming arrival.
Their entertainment company, Pledis Entertainment, released the picture through their official homepage on November 15th.  Following the picture of their album cover, the company will also be releasing yet another teaser for Orange Caramel’s ‘Aing♡‘ later on.
The girls have been grabbing attention for their fairy-tale concepts of “Alice Lizzy,” “Snow White Nana,” and “Little Red Riding Hood Raina,” and fans are looking forward to the bubbly track that’s sure to accompany such an adorable image.
A representative of their company stated, “We will show everyone a trend that only Orange Caramel can show with their cheerful energy. We are preparing a stage for the upgraded Orange Caramel.
Orange Caramel’s album will be available for sale on November 18th.

KARA ‘jumps’ to First place on Oricon Daily chart

The girls of KARA, with their newest single “Jumping,” have hit overseas success once again.
According to DSP Entertainment on November 15th, KARA’s song “Jumping” took the first spot on Japan’s Oricon Daily chart. With this achievement, KARA has taken both of their Japanese singles to the top 1 of the Oricon charts.
In addition to their achievement on the Oricon chart, KARA’s music video for “Jumping” placed first in downloads on Japan’s “iTunes Store Video Clip,” while their song hit First place on the rankings for “iTunes Store Pop.”
Not only are the girls attaining a strong fanbase in Japan, but they’ve also hit first place back home on the real-time charts of music portal sites, moments after the release of the song.
Furthermore, the girls of KARA will begin their promotions this week, following the release of their Korean fourth mini-album on the 16th.
Whew, looks like the girls have been quite productive, and they’re only going to get busier. Stay tuned!

Rainbow celebrates their one year anniversary

Girl group Rainbow recently revealed the whole slew of presents they received from their fans in celebration of their one year anniversary.
The group’s anniversary was on November 13th, which was also the day of their goodbye stage for their “Mach” promotions. Various bouquets, rice cakes, and other gifts were delivered to their waiting room by their fans. What caught the attention of many, however, were the various health drinks that the fans prepared, impressing netizens with their care for the girls’ health.
As soon as the gifts were received, the members immediately expressed their thanks, “We’ll be working even harder from now on. Thank you to our fans for giving us so much attention and love, we’ll be paying everyone back with better music. Please don’t be too disappointed that our promotion cycle for this album was so short. We hope you give us your continued interest for our next cycle.

KARA -World: Orange Caramel unveils ‘Aing♡’ MV teaser!

KARA -World: Orange Caramel unveils ‘Aing♡’ MV teaser!

Orange Caramel unveils ‘Aing♡’ MV teaser!

With Orange Caramel’s official comeback drawing ever so nearer, the group has so far unveiled teaser photos for members LizzyNana and Raina, as well as revealing the name and a short description plus album jacket cover of their new title track, ‘Aing‘.
Pledis Entertainment announced earlier that their new track was co-produced by singer Wheesung and Jo Young So, the creator of Orange Caramel’s last hit, ‘Magic Girl‘.
A short MV teaser of ‘Aing♡’ has just been released by Pledis today, and you can already tell that the song is just oozing with cuteness.

Aing♡’ MV teaser!