Universal Music Group national companies

Universal Music Group national companies
Universal Music Group national companies Universal Music Argentina Universal Music Austria Universal Music Australia Island Records Australia Mercury Records Australia Universal Music Baltics Universal Music Belgium ARS Entertainment Universal Music Brazil Arsenal Music Universal Music Bulgaria Universal Music Canada Universal Music Chile Universal Music China Linfair Records Shang Teng Universal Show City Times Universal Music Colombia Universal Music Czech Republic Universal Music Denmark Universal Music Finland Spinefarm Records Universal Music France AZ Records Barclay Records Decca Deutsche Grammophon ECM New Series Mercury Records Polydor Universal Licensing Music (ULM) Universal Music Jazz France Universal Music Germany Universal Music Domestic Division Urban Records Universal Music International Division Universal Music Classics and Jazz Koch Universal Music Universal Music Strategic Marketing Universal Music Family Entertainment Universal Music Greece Family the label Universal Music Hong Kong Cinepoly Records Go East Entertainment Universal Music Hungary Universal Music India Universal Music Indonesia Solid Records Universal Music Ireland Universal Music Italy Universal Music Japan Record Labels Def Jam Japan Delicious Deli Records E-Sum Records Far Eastern Tribe Records less than zero (<0) Milestone Crowds Nayutawave Records Universal Classics Universal Gear Universal International Universal J Universal Jazz Universal Sigma Universal Strategic Marketing Japan Universal Music Korea Universal Music Malaysia Music Valley Rumpun Records Universal Music Mexico Universal Music Netherlands Universal Music New Zealand Universal Music Norway Jazzland Recordings MCA Music Philippines (internationally known as "Universal Music Philippines")[1] Universal Music Polska Magic Records Universal Music Portugal Universal Music Romania Universal Music Russia Universal Music Singapore Universal Music Spain Vale Music Universal Music Sweden Polar Music Stockholm Records Sonet Records Universal Music Switzerland Universal Music Taiwan[2] Believe in Music (B'In Music)[3] What's Music Universal Music Thailand Universal Music Venezuela DSP Media Japan/Korea YG Entertainment Korea Cube Entertainmet Korea

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

KARA HARA ,AKB48’s Ohshima Yuko loves A Bathing Ape

KARA,AKB48 member,Goo Hara, Ohshima Yuko professed that she’s a huge fan of clothing brand, A BATHING APE. Yuko recently wrote on her blog, “I’m a APE girl today, both my T-shirt and hoodie.  A lot of Milo-san’s (the character of BAPE). I am now relaxing at home after the shoot.”
The brand is internationally renown for its original graphics and designs; in fact, it hardly seems like your street fashion collection isn’t complete without a BAPE shirt these days.
It’s likely that Yuko’s fans will rush to grab BAPE pieces after reading the blog entry.

KARA will be hosting “Sakigake! Ongaku Banzuke”

The members of KARA have been chosen as fixed MCs for a Japanese music program.
According to Fuji TV, KARA will be appearing on their talk show music program, “Sakigake! Ongaku Banzuke“, starting November 3rd.
Representatives of the program previously visited KARA in Korea last month in order to report on KARA’s “Jumping” album jacket photo shoot.
KARA will be the MCs for only the show’s opening and ending segments since they must promote in both Korea and Japan. A three month old rookie singer being given the MC position to a famous music program is definitely an exceptional case for both industries.
KARA will be releasing their second Japanese single, “Jumping,” on the 10th, along with a Korean mini-album on the 17th. “Girls Talk” will be released on the 24th. Their Japanese management agency is currently predicting 200,000 in album sales. KARA best Asian female Group!

Oricon Monthly Charts for October are now out!

Oricon has just revealed its monthly charts for October.
You will likely see what you expected to see below.
<Single Monthly Chart>

1. KARA - Jumping 10/27 (826,989)
2.  Beginner – AKB4810/6 (572,537)
3. I Wish For You – 10/6 EXILE  (218,132)
4. Uchuhikoushi he no Tegami/Motor Cycle – BUMP OF CHICKEN 10/13 (118,031)
5. Yoku Asobi, Yoku Manabe – NYC 10/20 (102,721)
6. L(Virgin Road/Sweet Season/Last angel) – Hamasaki Ayumi 9/29 (92,478)
7. Gee – Shoujo Jidai 10/20 (89,561)
8. Kimi ni Todoke – flumpool 9/29 (56,683)
9. cosmetic – SID 9/29 (43,700)
10. Motto Tsuyoku – EXILE 9/15 (40,024)

<Album Monthly Chart>

1.  KARA BEST 2007 – 2010 – KARA 9/29 (374,183)
2. 8UPPERS – Kanjani8 10/20 (248,914)
3. Houkago Tea Time II – Houkago Tea Time 10/27 (127,367)
4. GLAY – GLAY 10/13 (114,074)
5. Togemaru – Spitz 10/27 (95,038)
6. STAR – Nakashima Mika 10/27 (92,962)
7.Request – JUJU 9/29 KARA BEST 2007 – 2010 – KARA 9/29 (89,614)
8. ETERNITY ~Love & Songs~ – Koda Kumi 10/13 (72,252)
9. The Best of Shogo Hamada Vol.3 The Last Weekend – Hamada Shogo 10/6 (59,519)
10. A Thousand Suns – Linkin Park 9/15 (56,415)

Diva legends KARA/T-ara/4minute back to korea come back stage this november

Popular idol group Kara,T-ara, 4minute will be making their Korean comeback with a brand new album at the end of November.
The ladies of KARA,4minute,T-ara have been quite busy promoting their  Japanese single, ‘Jumping,First,Dream girls.’ Since it’s unclear when they will wrap up their Japanese promotions, they will release their comeback album in late November at the earliest.
It appears that many of Korea’s representative girl groups – including , KARA, 4minuteand T-ara – will be making their comebacks before the end of the year. Looks like it’ll be a head-to-head battle between the girls for the top of the charts!

KARA #1 girl group in the world.

Kara reveals teaser image of “Jumping” album cover!

On November 4th, Kara’s agency has revealed teaser images from the album jacket of their upcoming album, “Jumping“.
“Jumping” will be released in both Korea and Japan, and many Korean fans are looking forward to the new project, as its been 9 months since “Lupin“.
A Daesung,Pledis  DSP Entertainment official stated, “Kara’s new album utilizes the optical art concept of black and white geometric patterns, which differs depending on each member’s physical characteristics and image.” He added, “You will see a new and upgraded Kara with these modern, yet chic images.”
The first teaser picture features Nicole, Jiyoung and Gyuri; DSP Entertainment stated that photos of the 2 other members, Hara and Seungyeon will be released at a later date.
“Jumping” will be released in Japan on November 10th, and the Korean version is due out in mid-November.

Avex Group Big Bang, 2NE1, KARA, 4minute, Brown Eyed Girls and more gather for SEOUL TOKYO MUSIC FESTIVAL 2010

Top Korean groups Big Bang, KARA, 4minute, 2NE1, FTIsland, CNBlue, Brown Eyed Girls, U-KISS, Rainbow, and Teen Top gathered in Japan to perform for the “Seoul Tokyo Music Festival 2010.”
The event was held earlier today at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan. This event was a collaboration between Korean broadcasting channel SBS and Japanese broadcasting channel TBS in celebration of SBS’s 20th anniversary. The performances from this event will air on SBS on November 12th as a special episode, along with a 3-D production of the concert. TBS will air this concert at a later date in December.

SS501’s very own Park Jung Min was the MC for the event and reports state that the event was a major success. Check out some of the photos from the press conference below.

KARA commented, “We will do our best in both Japan and Korea!”
Big Bang commented, “We are honered to be chosen as an artist representing Korea. Please support us!”
A very awesome event, we’ll have to wait until the 12th for it to air on SBS.

namie amuro very proud to KARA Group: KARA and Bigbang Best Group BAND in The World Congratulation KARA and bigbang awarded Best female/male Group Asian award: Daesung/pledis/YG entertainment alliance Avex group:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rA2rvr8UwmI&feature=player_embedded