Universal Music Group national companies

Universal Music Group national companies
Universal Music Group national companies Universal Music Argentina Universal Music Austria Universal Music Australia Island Records Australia Mercury Records Australia Universal Music Baltics Universal Music Belgium ARS Entertainment Universal Music Brazil Arsenal Music Universal Music Bulgaria Universal Music Canada Universal Music Chile Universal Music China Linfair Records Shang Teng Universal Show City Times Universal Music Colombia Universal Music Czech Republic Universal Music Denmark Universal Music Finland Spinefarm Records Universal Music France AZ Records Barclay Records Decca Deutsche Grammophon ECM New Series Mercury Records Polydor Universal Licensing Music (ULM) Universal Music Jazz France Universal Music Germany Universal Music Domestic Division Urban Records Universal Music International Division Universal Music Classics and Jazz Koch Universal Music Universal Music Strategic Marketing Universal Music Family Entertainment Universal Music Greece Family the label Universal Music Hong Kong Cinepoly Records Go East Entertainment Universal Music Hungary Universal Music India Universal Music Indonesia Solid Records Universal Music Ireland Universal Music Italy Universal Music Japan Record Labels Def Jam Japan Delicious Deli Records E-Sum Records Far Eastern Tribe Records less than zero (<0) Milestone Crowds Nayutawave Records Universal Classics Universal Gear Universal International Universal J Universal Jazz Universal Sigma Universal Strategic Marketing Japan Universal Music Korea Universal Music Malaysia Music Valley Rumpun Records Universal Music Mexico Universal Music Netherlands Universal Music New Zealand Universal Music Norway Jazzland Recordings MCA Music Philippines (internationally known as "Universal Music Philippines")[1] Universal Music Polska Magic Records Universal Music Portugal Universal Music Romania Universal Music Russia Universal Music Singapore Universal Music Spain Vale Music Universal Music Sweden Polar Music Stockholm Records Sonet Records Universal Music Switzerland Universal Music Taiwan[2] Believe in Music (B'In Music)[3] What's Music Universal Music Thailand Universal Music Venezuela DSP Media Japan/Korea YG Entertainment Korea Cube Entertainmet Korea

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

KARA+After School+T-ara+2ne1+4minute, VS AKB48 + SKE48+Speed+Morning Musume+SUPER☆GiRLS Kpop VS jpop

Team kpop :

KARA+After School+T-ara+2ne1+4minute

Team jpop:
AKB48 + SKE48+Speed+Morning Musume+SUPER☆GiRLS

Japanese hosts do “Abracadabra” for Brown Eyed Girls, some fans not pleased

A handful of Brown Eyed Girls fans are apparently displeased with the actions of the hosts of Japanese comedy show, “Shabekuri 007“.
The show aired on November 15th, and the members performed their hit, “Abracadabra“. Miryo served as the main speaker and translator for the group, as she is fluent in Japanese.
What became a slight controversy is when the hosts decided to try out the “Abracadabra” hip dance themselves while slowly moving towards the girls, which caused the girls to scream. Some netizens were not comfortable with the situation, and suggested that it was harassment.
However, Brown Eyed Girls’ management agency stated differently, commenting, “It was an ad-lib. It’s simply a difference in culture. Since they’re having activities in Japan, they should adjust to the cultural tendencies on the shows. The members did not feel bad about it.”
They added, “In fact, Japanese fans of K-pop who are aware of Korean culture actually apologized. They were even worried that the Brown Eyed Girls might be traumatized. They said sorry.”


KARA said to be “A-list” star and Artist in America jumping english version!

Throughout the years, only a few Asian actors have been able to break through into Hollywood and become acknowledged as a top actor. However, it looks like singer/girl group KARA, a.k.a Diva legendary, was able to be accepted as an ‘A- list’ actor, thanks mostly to the success of his promotion American Artist, First american album jumping english version.
“I didn’t know KARA would be considered an Singer/Girls group in the Hollywood’s A-list. I heard that a representative for one of America’s most well known album distributors said KARA is part of the Artist/Girl group Hollywood A-list though,” said Diva legendary, the producer of KBS 2TV’s ‘Fugitive‘. He further explained that Lee hyori is considered to be on the same level as singer britney Spears.
The producer continued, “I was able to realize lee hyori and son dambi’s status as an singer after meeting with a representative of an American distributor to discuss overseas distributions for ‘Fugitive’.”

KARA the #1 girl group in the world!

Jiyeon’s difficulties causes her to shed tears on “T-ara Dream Girls”

Images of T-ara’s Jiyeon crying on this week’s episode of “T-ara Dream Girls” were recently revealed.
The show puts the members through various career tests in order to try out some of the most desired careers of women in their 20s. Currently training to becoming stewardesses, the members first failed their exams last week, but continued on to retake it.
This week’s episode focused on emergency situations, as they were taught what to do and how to behave when instructing passengers on how to safely exit the plane. Due to the serious nature of the lecture, instructors were stricter than usual, eventually causing Jiyeon to burst out in tears.
Member Eunjung revealed, “Jiyeon never stated it, but the exams for this career exceed the level of college exams. Since she’s only just a high school student, it hasn’t been easy for her.”
Instructors added, “Jiyeon has been doing exceptionally well lately, so we fully believe that she can do this.”
Producers of the show were taken back by the 18-year-old maknae’s tears, since she always took on missions with a bright smile.
The full episode will broadcast at 11 PM on November 17th.